Year: 2019

seller financing

Seller financing is a method of buying/selling a home that does not involve banks and cash offers.

It is one of a few different methods of selling a house for homeowners that need a way to get out from under a property.

In a deal where the seller is financing a property, the seller and buyer agree on a price for the property that will ultimately be paid after a term.

Let’s say a house is worth $100,000. If the seller is desperate, they may agree to sell the house at $90,000 with a seller finance deal.

This type of …

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When people think about selling their house, there is usually only one option that comes to mind: listing it with a real estate agent.

Even as a developer plans to build a new subdivision or master plan, they generally bring on agents to start the process of pre-sale, and then list any property that doesn’t get purchased in that phase.

There are, however, many other methods to selling properties, most of which don’t require listing on the MLS or a licensed real estate agent, according to Sell My House Easy Fast (

The benefit is that you can …

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