Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re in real estate, technology, or any other industry, there’s always a need for marketing. Every business needs sales, and without a form of outreach or lead generation, sales are going to remain stagnant. Among popular marketing methods include pay-per-click and organic traffic. Most companies jump straight for PPC, but they don’t understand the importance or investment when it comes to organic traffic.

How Organic Traffic Affects ROI

With traditional forms of marketing, you generally pre-pay for it’s activity. With PPC, as with AdWords or FB ads, you pay for each click that is made on your ad. Once you stop paying for it, the ad disappears, and your impressions drop straight to zero. The benefit to paid ads is that they are nearly instant, scalable, and can be pretty cost-effective in most cases. In other markets, they can cost anywhere from $5,000 – $100,000 per month in expenditure.

On the flip-side, organic traffic takes time. Performing SEO on a site is like building an asset, and it can take anywhere from 3-12 months to achieve the desired results, depending on where the site was at initially and how competitive the primary keywords are. The total cost for the SEO can range from $2,000 to $80,000. But once the results are achieved, they stick for the long-term, sometimes requiring some maintenance but usually no longer needing any additional SEO at that point.

One example would be the real estate industry. In larger cities, cost-per-click for a PPC ad would be somewhere between $80 and $140. With the combined search volume, that easily reaches about $100,000 in a single month, whereas with organic traffic that covers the entirety of an SEO project to achieve the same or better overall results (due to the organic nature of Google search listings vs people skipping over AdWords).

What Is The Best Strategy For Your Business?

Depending on whether the business is new or existing and what kind of budget is in place, SEO may be something you start with or something that begins in a later phase. If a business is brand new and strapped for cash, or if the product/service is a new category altogether, then it’s best to run proactive marketing methods to attract an audience. For existing businesses that want to capture a larger share of the market, then it’s time to do SEO and create a fairly consistent stream of leads and customers that doesn’t require constant advertising expenditure. Many local service businesses can expand into multiple city markets simply by doing SEO.

Choosing The Right Path For You

Taking a look at your budget and where you market resides, it’s important to take SEO into serious consideration. It works for local businesses, e-commerce, and national ranking terms. You can check out this site for SEO marketing tips and strategies. For more information, check out

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