When you do research about search engine optimisation, you are going to come across several different things. From content creation tips to link building, there are many things that ultimately go into a single and effective SEO strategy. But why should all these things be done, and how exactly do search engines operate? Because once you understand what search engines want, you get a better understanding of the practise known as SEO.

It’s All In The User-Experience – UX

Essentially, search engines want to make life very easy four online users. And they want users to become dependent on them as much as possible. But these goals are only reachable if search engines make the user experience great. In other words, the results are fast, relevant, and quickly brings you what you need to know. See the UX Guide at

Now, if you look at some of the biggest ranking factors and SEO elements, they speak directly to user-engagement. For example, posting content people will read from start to finish is a big part of ranking higher. Why? Because it keeps users on the site.


At the same time, the performance of the site is just as critical. If the loading speed lags, it puts you at a disadvantage. Why? Because it is going to irritate users that are used to quick loading pages.

Focus On The Same Thing – Consistency

If you want to make your SEO campaign a success, focus on keeping visitors happy. Get them to stick around four as long as possible, because that is what search engines really pay attention to.

Of course, there are other things you need to tweak and tend to that aren’t directly connected with the user experience, but they have an indirect influence.

Also, you need to be consistent. Stay up to date with algorithm changes and learn from traffic trends.